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Coronavirus Information

If you have:

Fever, Chills, Cough, Sore throat, Headache, Diarrhea,

Loss of smell/taste, and/or Shortness of breath 

Please contact our office at (303) 771-3939 or schedule a Secure Online Video Appointment 

by clicking the "Schedule Appointment" link above.  

  Please do not come directly into our office.  

If you need a letter to be off work or return to work, please schedule a Telehealth Visit with a provider in our office.

We have both in-office appointments and Telehealth appointments available.

You can schedule by clicking on 

Or by calling our office at (303)771-3939

You will receive an email and text with the appointment connection information several minutes prior to your appointment.  In some situations, the appointment before you may run late.  Please stay connected - we may just be late.

Please inform our office IMMEDIATELY if you test positive for COVID-19 so we may follow up and provide you with the care you need.


COVID - 19 Testing Sites

Find your closest testing site by exploring this map.

Orange sites are free/no out-of-pocket cost

Blue sites may have out-of-pocket costs

To learn about hours of operation, holiday hours, and registration details visit the Tri-County Health Department website for more information.


This has been a trying time for everyone, filled with uncertainty and fear.  We all have concerns about our health and that of our loved ones.  We are worried about our children and our parents.  Added to this is apprehension about the economy, and concerns about job security.  Many of us have been taken out of our comfort zones and thrust into a new world of telecommuting and Zoom calls.  On top of this is the inability to do the things that normally make us feel better…going to the gym, hanging out with friends, traveling.

Those with no history of anxiety or depression are having to learn what these symptoms feel like and how difficult it can be to keep them under control.  Those who do have a history of mental illness are struggling with worsening symptoms and are trying to develop new coping mechanisms. 


Whichever group you may belong to, please reach out.  If you are not sleeping well, cannot motivate, are having panic attacks, are losing your temper too easily with family or are just struggling with the anxiety about loosening our social restrictions we can try to help. 


Schedule a mental health checkup on the portal or call the office – You can schedule these by clicking “Schedule Appointment” on this website, on your patient portal or by calling our office at (303) 771-3939.


Stay safe and well,

DTC Family Health Providers and Staff

We continue to be in close contact with the Centers for Disease Control "CDC" and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment "CDPHE".

Here are links to the CDC and CDPHE.

We will continue to update our website,  If you have any questions, please feel free to call us or send a portal message. Enjoy the beautiful weather and stay healthy!

If you have:

Fever, Chills, Cough, Sore throat, Headache, Diarrhea, Loss of smell/taste, and/or Shortness of breath 

Please contact our office at (303) 771-3939 or schedule a

Secure Online Video Appointment by clicking "Schedule Appointment".  

  Please do not come directly   into our office.  




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