• Vision: 
    DTC Family Health will provide the most comprehensive, cost-efficient, evidence based primary care available. 


    * It's in the relationship: Healthcare is best practiced in the context of a valued and respectful relationship.  We will strive to provide healing relationships in all of our interactions.  

    * It takes a village: Modern healthcare is complex.  We will build a patient centered medical neighborhood to complement our patient centered medical home. Our neighbors will share our values in terms of relationships and evidence based, cost effective care. 

    * Evidence and outcomes matter: The body of evidence that demonstrates the effectiveness of certain practices and the ineffectiveness of other practices continues to grow.  We will stay current with best practices through constant review of the literature, communication with our colleagues and by creating a learning community in our office. 

    ​* We're all in this together: Modern healthcare is too expensive and inefficient.  We will work as a team to ensure that the people who come to us for care receive what they need from the person who provides it best.  Physicians and physician assistants will use their knowledge to practice medicine while a team of medical assistants and care managers document that care, coordinate the necessary ancillary services and follow up on the completion of important tasks. 

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